Monthly Photography Challenge

I’m picking a photographic ‘genre’ each month for the next 12 months in the hope that I will learn more about this media and different styles. I’d love people to join me and thanks to those who already have.

This Month’s Theme

April 2012 is Event and Milestone Photography.

The Rules

    The photograph must be taken for this challenge. This is about learning something new; please don’t post links to photographs you have taken previously.
    You can submit as many as you like in the month. It’s about exploring that genre for a month so I’m expecting you may have more than one stab at it.

How to Participate

Simply make a comment on this page including a link to your efforts.

The Genres  for 2012

  1. January 2012: Wildlife & Nature Photography
  2. February 2012: Travel Photography
  3. March 2012: Landscape Photography
  4. April 2012: Event & Milestone Photography
  5. May 2012: Fashion & Nude Photography (I’m opting for the former!)
  6. June 2012: Sports Photography
  7. July 2012: Portrait Photography
  8. August 2012: Documentary Photography
  9. September 2012: Abstract Photography
  10. October 2012: Macro Photography
  11. November 2012: Urban Landscape Photography
  12. December 2012: Pet Photography

April 2012: Event and Milestone Photography

In progress. If you wish to participate, simply add a comment on this page with a link to your pics.


March 2012: Landscape Photography

My efforts:

The morning school run

The building nature took back

Northern NSW sugarcane

Nature's verticals

February 2012: Travel Photography
My efforts:

Foggy Morning

Bombah Point

January 2012: Wildlife & Nature Photography

My efforts:

Wilted agapanthus

2012 Genre a Month Photography Challenge: Wildlife

Redfern Sunset I

Efforts from readers in January (these were in comments on other pages because I hadn’t set up this page yet!) I couldn’t move the comments so I’ve put the link. Thank you to Isobel, Jbphotography and Lorely for joining for in January!

IsobelandCat: Kiwi Fruit Tree

Jbphotography: Moon Rise

Lorely – writings from the edge

IsobelandCat: Winter


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