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My boys

Gesso and Andrew in bed

Andrew and Gesso – being more than a bit cute!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Saffron making herself at home

Saffron making herself at home… on the quilt no less!

When I saw the weekly photo challenge was on the theme of home, I was kicking myself for not owning a pair of red sequined shoes. Even if I did own the right pair of heels I’m not sure where it would take me when I clicked my heels together. Sometimes I feel as if I have 3 homes: Mum’s place, Andrew’s place and here – with cats at every one!

So it seemed fitting when I decided to quilt this evening (yes, I’m still working on it!) that Saffron leapt up onto the table and made herself right at home. I had my weekly photo. Not to be outdone, as I write this, Licorice has curled up next to me encroaching as best she can on the keyboard.

Home is not where the heart is… for me it’s where the cat(s) is!

The Big Wind

The big wind III

The big wind II

The big wind I

Pickle the chair thief

Pickle sleeping as only Pickle can.

The things I do

href=””>I’ve said before if you’re going to date someone in a wheelchair then you best like heights, DIY, moving stuff etc. Today I was co-opted into helping complete a TAFE project.

The task: create a photo triptych of an icon. The photographs should portray what the icon means to you. Andrew’s choice? The wheelchair symbol. The first two photographs, he took himself. (One of which is pictured on the right). The third required a little assistance to stage the photograph. Enter flip, stage left.

Today’s task was to move the coffin (a stage prop) from the bedroom into the living room and lay it flat on the floor. The thing is unwieldy and heavy so this was not the easiest task. I finally get it into the living room and with Andrew’s help lay it down on the ground. At this point he decides to assist me in positioning the coffin ready to be photographed.


My third and fourth toes are throbbing. They have been run over!

Not content with squishing my toes, Andrew with his camera and tripod at the ready instructs me to climb in the coffin.

What? I thought you were just going to take a photo of it.

‘No’ he replies. A coffin needs a body, so go get a sheet and wrap yourself up and jump in.

Sure. What else does one normally do?

Before I can get in the coffin, Gesso and Pickle decide it’s a great big box worth exploring. Gesso even decides to ‘eat’ one of the coffin keys and escapes with it. Oh well, at least Andrew can’t lock me in if the cat has stolen the key!

Finally I climb in. Now I tell you that trying to wrap yourself in a sheet and climb into a coffin is not the easiest thing to do.

I hear the click of the camera and climb back out.

It’s time to put the coffin back. Thankfully I seem to have improved my technique and it wasn’t so difficult to ‘walk’ it back into the bedroom.

In the meantime Andrew has downloaded the photos. After all that, he has pronounced the coffin shots a dud.


Sydney’s Vivid festival

There’s a vivid festival of light. At night the opera house becomes the ‘screen’ for many images. Custom house lights up and installations spotted around the harbour do their thing.

So Andrew and I went during the day!

Courtesy of a public holiday, an RDO and me just being tired enough to put in for another day, I’ve got 5 days away from work. Mister decided that he’d surprise me on my first day off with an unexpected outing. Only problem was that I had a massive headache and was very cold, so the first part of the outing was me behaving like I’d drunk too many the night before… at least until the headache tablets kicked in.

‘And where are we going?’

‘To see the Sea Shepherd! And to the MCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)! And then boot shopping!’

Yes, girls. A man volunteering to take me shopping. I swear he’s the woman in our relationship. He cooks. He cleans. He complains if I put something someone it’s not supposed to go. He’s eager to go shopping – IKEA, freedom, shoe shopping – all good things. Lastly, he sings while cooking breakfast – this morning he had a duet with Billie Holiday.

Meanwhile, I groan at the thought of shopping. I’d like it if I could remove all the people and find shoes which fit my feet!

Sea Shepherd Crew Member

Sea Shepherd Crew Member. Circular Quay, Sydney.

Sea Shepherd

It was a boat.

I find it hard to get excited about boats.

They are big things which float (or not if it’s the titanic), rock and generally make me want to throw up over the side.

Yet I can understand Andrew has a particular passion for this boat and it’s mission to stop Japanese Whaling. It was clear that passion was present in the gaggle of Sea Shepherd Crew members scattered around the harbour.

I don’t have any decent photos of the boat. I did like it’s adaptation of the ‘pirate logo’ and the painted shark jaws on the front.

Vivid Festival

Viewing the vivid festival in the daytime was not such a silly exploit. There are many installations aside from the light shows, not least of which is a giant chandelier built around a pole near the jetty.

Vivid V

It’s not often you get to photograph the Sydney Opera House with a giant chandelier in the foreground

Vivid VI

Light source or UFO?

Vivid II

A giant cube of colour

Vivid III

The opera house taken through an installation of metal and green string

Vivid I

High in the air: a metal and balloon bridge

Vivid IV

My favourite – the white bubble poles

Sunday 15th April: My day in photographs



the wonky cross

The church of the wonky cross

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens I

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens: is it a tarantula in disguise?

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens III

Capture of a bee using a +4 lens

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens II

Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens

The Galah Tree

The Galah Tree: look closely and the tree is 'dotted' with birds



Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens IV

My favourite shot of the day: Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens

The milestone

April is supposed to be the month of Event and Milestone Photography. When I started the year I had all this enthusiasm to explore a different photographic topic each month. I’m not even half way through the year and my attentiveness of petering out.

It’s not anything to do with lack of enthusiasm for the subject. It’s more to do with lack of time. Available time to be specific. I have quite the same number of hours this month per day as I did the month gone by. I’m just using lots of those hours working.

My neices first birthday would have been a fantastic opportunity for some good Event and Milestone photographs however I missed it as I was preparing to run a workshop the next day.

Indeed the rate i’m going the only milestone this month will be writing more than one blog post! April has arrived. Sneakily. I swear it was still March. At least 6 days ago it was. I didn’t even get around to posting my final landscape photography shots before the end of the month.

So here are the tardy landscape shots. They were actually taken at the very beginning of the month when I was still on holidays. They may seem like unusual choices for landscapes.

Northern NSW sugarcane

Northern NSW sugarcane. Captured from moving car. Approximate speed 110km/hr.

I get it that not many people are probably excited by sugarcane. Mum said to me:

it’s just like big grass.

Indeed mum it is. The reason it makes it to my list of landscape photography shots is because I managed to get this super clear photo from the moving car while Andrew was driving at between 100km/hr and 110. Of course I think I took about 50 shots before I got one that was a) clear, b) without a roadsign pole and c) not at an angle.

So it is that I have some pride about my picture of ‘big grass’ as mum puts it.

The building nature took back

The building nature took back

The second one, is a shot where man came along and made something and then nature took the landscape back. My father mocks Andrew and I for our love of photographing decaying buildings. This one I love particularly because it is not only the building which is weathered, but the trees as well. It seems such a lovely harmony. It’s one of my favourite shots of the trip as it is as I photographed it; no colour adjustments, no sharpening or tweaks. It is just as it was.

Finally my third shot is another ‘moving car feat’. I like this one for the contrast of the white tree trunks against the green of the landscape. I love how nature is so regimented, vertically ordered and rhythmic in this shot. It is also every bit the Australian road trip. When I travelled through parts of England, Wales and Scotland I was struck but the varying countryside. I remember emerging from the magical Snowdonia National Park to find a landscape of slate hills that were strangely beautiful. The other thing about the UK was the different kind of green. It wasn’t until I experienced that green, that I realised our green was different. Ours is limey, earthy, faded and scratchy. Only until I was without it did I realise that this slightly different green was home.

Nature's verticals

Nature's verticals

Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

Self Portrait

Looking through Andrew's self portrait

The assignment: complete a self portrait for tafe.

The painting: attempted.

The irony: it came unstuck.

I doubt few others can look ‘through’ their self portrait and see themselves behind it!

Self Portrait destruction

Self Portrait destruction

And the picture below brings a new meaning to ‘I was torn.’

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

The Driver

I took this photo today. Andrew is my unusual subject.

For starters, this is a man who loves shopping. Male of species = likes shopping centres. Weird, right? I know what your thinking, he must be gay. Well, no, although early on, the thought crossed my mind as he seemed overly tidy for a male. However, straight he is. The only straight man I know who is disappointed when he misses out on the soft furnishings department of IKEA.

Waverley Angel IIIIf that’s not unusual enough, then try this one. This is a guy, who takes his girlfriend on a date, to the cemetery. (Thankfully it was a cemetery renowned for its beautiful angel statues.)

The same guy decided that if he couldn’t have a dog, he’d have a cat that was like a dog. And so it was that Pickle learned how to play fetch. Not with a ball, but with a pistachio nut.

This is a boy who has gone beyond mis-matching socks, to mis-matching shoes. He has a habit of wearing one orange and one green converse shoe. It sparks comment wherever we go.

Little do they know that the shoes are even a different size. The green pair are actually a size too big. Andrew would go into the store time and time again and swoon over these green shoes always to be told they only had a size 11. After several months, we decided that Andrew’s walking is so infrequent that we might as well just get the size 11s.


The green and orange shoes (between a sculpture in a Queensland art gallery)

Following this, Andrew has become convinced that one foot is bigger than the other anyway. So while he wears an orange and a green one, it’s always the same orange and green one. If he ever decides to wear two matching ones again, I fear he’ll have one ‘new green’ shoe and one sun-bleached one!

Lastly, Andrew thinks he’s a whale. (See, I warned you he was unusual). For the last month or so, Andrew has been dropping little snippets of whale song into our conversation. We are driving along and all of a sudden, the whale noise comes out. (Don’t panic mum, it’s usually at a red traffic light). The worst part is that he cocks his head to one side and, with whale song voicing, pushes his head toward you with one giant eye staring at you. It’s his impersonation of what it would be like if a whale came up right next to you.

I cannot recall what started him on this very peculiar behaviour, I just know that it seems here to stay. While I managed to get the one decent shot of him today at the top of this post without him being a fool, I couldn’t achieve the same when we were out and about. The last photo is one of him at the start of the whale manoeuvre. That one eye was headed for me.

Andrew the whale