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While this piece doesn’t include any “technique” that I learnt from Misty or Traci – no faces or monoprint collage elements here – I think it draws from their speed. I tried to do this piece without thinking too much about it. This picture was taken not long before completion. In the final the white has had a final wash of red placed over the top. Because of the speed – or impatience on my part – call it what you will, the picture took some interesting turns and I think is better for it.


Portrait over monoprint

This piece was produced in Traci’s class. We had been monoprinting backgrounds for much of the day and the time had come for doodling. Squiggling? Me? Ummm… nothing came to mind. I look around and people were swirling and drawing flowers and the like… My mind remained blank… so I reverted to Misty’s class and started drawing a face instead. I really like the end result. Guess I’ll have to work on the ability to doodle!

Self Portrait May 17

Misty’s instructions had said that a self portrait did not have to be a face. So I came armed with some pictures of my hair (pulled up with chopsticks to add interest) and a few pics of hands. This one I started in the class and spent some time in my hotel room embellishing with markers. It is not a favourite piece at all… perhaps because I find the idea of my hand on the back of my neck a little too weird!


Misty’s class. Saturday 17th May. This is based on an inkjet gel medium transfer. I didn’t make a conscious choice to paint myself blue… in fact I don’t see this as a self portrait at all. It is a face, but it is not mine. Somewhere along the way, because I was working quite clearly I started to lose an eye. As I had no second copy of the original transfer image I couldn’t recall exactly where it should be, or what it looked like… so I simply eliminated the eye. It is not uncommon for me to paint one eyed people… so it felt quite natural really.

Self Portrait

Misty’s class. Saturday 17th of May. My first piece for the day. The face is a gel medium ink jet transfer which has been coated with heavy body paints. As I didn’t have Misty’s 4 colour recipe for flesh tone, I mixed a different combination. I used the same colours from the face in the surrounds which are smeared and a little chaotic. This wasn’t a class with heat guns or much time, so a little wet in wet was the name of the day.