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Painting with the red green complement

A painting of mine from a couple of years ago – for Andrew, to demonstrate the red green complement.

Early June


24 hour fingerpainting

I am not a patient artist. The heat gun is my friend.

Acrylics can bubble when you use a heat gun, but given my impatience, I have mastered the art of blasting wet paint at the appropriate distance. This particular piece would not look as it does, were it not for my impatience.

However, unlike usual, I didn’t heat gun the paint and failed to realise how wet it remained as I continued to work. Brushes started to annoy me, so I used my fingers instead. This results in smudging and blending of the paint together which I had not expected. Details of the face became lost, and I had what I thought was a mess.

If impatience is a key trait, initial dislike of my work is another.

Which is where the 24 hours rule comes in. No paintings are allowed to be obliterated with titanium white at the end of the evening. No matter how disappointing, I just go to bed. This is because I have discovered time and time again, that my dislike diminishes. In this case, I got out a pen the next night, brushes in a few details, added a tiny amount of paint and a painting that the night before would have been trashed, became something I really liked. I’m waiting for this ridiculous rule to fail me and for a piece to look just as bad 24 hours later as I thought it to be… and when that time comes I’ll be ready with the artists eraser – white paint. But until then… 24 hours never hurt anyone and the only one to see it during that time is the cat.


While this piece doesn’t include any “technique” that I learnt from Misty or Traci – no faces or monoprint collage elements here – I think it draws from their speed. I tried to do this piece without thinking too much about it. This picture was taken not long before completion. In the final the white has had a final wash of red placed over the top. Because of the speed – or impatience on my part – call it what you will, the picture took some interesting turns and I think is better for it.

Self Portrait

Misty’s class. Saturday 17th of May. My first piece for the day. The face is a gel medium ink jet transfer which has been coated with heavy body paints. As I didn’t have Misty’s 4 colour recipe for flesh tone, I mixed a different combination. I used the same colours from the face in the surrounds which are smeared and a little chaotic. This wasn’t a class with heat guns or much time, so a little wet in wet was the name of the day.